Meet the next female football player: me

From the latest issue of Boston’s Teens in Print:

By Penisha Hill // Staff Writer

I started off as the quiet girl who did not say much. Everyone would pick on me because I was small and silent. Some said I reminded them of their little sisters because of my height and baby face.

I am a female student who attends Brighton High, and I decided to sign up for the football team this fall.

I am very nervous about playing for the football team because I may be one of only two girls, and I am still small.

Some people were confused as to why I wanted to try out for football. I want to prove to the guys that girls can do whatever they want as long as they put their minds to it. It should not matter what sex you are. All that should matter is whether you are passionate about something. You need to be willing to stick to it and stay focused.

Being very athletic, I am fascinated by trying new things. I used to play soccer and basketball and run track. I think playing sports in the past might boost me up in the future and now inspire me to play football. I think it might build up my strength as an athlete.

Throughout the summer I went jogging and worked-out at my house. It prepared me for the football season. When you are willing to do something that everyone does not agree with, you have to have a lot of pride and confidence.

The only thing I am really afraid of is the guys’ reactions to me playing football. I think if I stick to it, the guys will get a little intimated because they may believe I might be a challenge to them. They might feel I’ll steal their spotlight. I guess I won’t know until I start playing.

Wish me luck.

photo by Lena Yee // Artists for Humanity


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