A truly remarkable act of courage and inspiration

Despite winning every single game of the season going into the season finale, the Curley Middle School’s boys basketball coach Draylin Beaudrault benched his star player just before the game for violating team rules.

The team not only lost the game by one point, they slipped to second place in the league standings.

“Some have commented that this coach was foolish,” Darlene Knight of the BPS athletics department said via email. “I say this coach best exemplifies all that we desire to promote (sportsmanship, hard work, and discipline) in our world of BPS athletics.

“We applaud him and thank him for being the person that he is, and doing what I believe others would not have.”

Beaudrault was much more modest about his decision to bench the player.

“I don’t think it was much of a big deal my player/student made a bad decision and got himself into a situation where discipline had to be handed out and he was given a consequence that would not allow him to be at the game,” he said via email. “I felt he is no bigger or more important than any other team member and I wanted and hope he will learn that he is responsible to himself and his team.

“I believe after talking to him about the incident he knows the mistake he made and I think he has learned from it. This was a one-time incident with this student athlete and the real story is how hard and well my team has played not what I did.”

But Knight remained impressed.

“It’s very rare we find a coach in the system whose main focus isn’t winning a title, who demonstrates a desire to help build student-athletes, not just athletes,” she said.  “I was so inspired I sent this email to everyone I could think.”


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