English gets forfeit victory over Burke

By Evan Freedman, BPSsports.com Correspondent

Boston English football got their first win since 2009 Friday, but it wasn’t the way Head Coach Chris Boswell had in mind.  Burke High was forced to concede the game due to lack of players.  During an intrasquad scrimmage Friday, Coach Boswell said he sympathized with Burke’s Coach Byron Beaman, who would have been leading his team in his first game at the helm.

“I feel for him [Coach Beaman] and his team,” said Boswell.  “I know he feels bad for his guys.  Those kids want to play too.”

Boswell and administrators tried to reschedule the game for a future date, but that wasn’t possible, so it goes in the books as a 2-0 win for English (1-0).  Boswell is preparing his troops for next Friday night’s game against Brighton at White Stadium.

“We’re trying to get better every day.  We’re working hard, building our numbers, getting some consistency.  Of course, we have academic challenges too, which we’re dealing with.”

Burke (0-1) is scheduled to play an afternoon affair at Charlestown next Friday.

Evan Freedman is a freelance writer based on the North Shore.  He is also a teacher at Catholic Charities North.  He can be be reached at freedman.evan@gmail.com


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