Eastie drops opener to Blue Hills

East Boston dropped its season opening game, 24-0, against Blue Hills last night at East Boston Stadium. Here’s the Globe’s coverage.

“Blue Hills is a very good team,” Eastie coach John Parziale said on Sunday night. “We knew it would be a challenge to play them. They have two good running backs, good offensive line and we didn’t tackle well. Basically that’s the reason we didn’t win the game. But it’s always good to play a good opponent. It makes you better to play a quality team.”

Parziale said while they focused on run defense in preparation for Blue Hills, this week they will focus on defending O’Bryant’s pass attack. The two teams meet for their first league game of the season at 6 p.m. on Friday night at East Boston Stadium.

The Jets will focus on working with their defensive backs this week in practice, including sophomore Connor Henry, junior Matt Robinson and junior Dan Harris.

“They have some really good athletes,” Parziale said of OB, “A lot of team speed and they play tough defense. So they are going to be another tough game. They are a different type of team than Blue Hills. Blue Hills was little bigger and they ran the ball more.  O’Bryant is more of a passing team.”

Eastie’s biggest highlights from the Blue Hills game came when quarterback Anthony Whitney tossed a 40-yard pass to senior running back Kyle Jinenee-Fox. Jinenee-Fox also had a 70-yard scamper that was called back on a holding penalty.

“We have to make ourselves better every week,” Parziale said. “We have to work on some of the mistakes we made against Blue Hills. We’ll try to work those out and make those better.”


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