Brighton putting building blocks in place

By Evan Freedman, Correspondent

Brighton’s football program has the philosophy that all players are skill players, including the sometimes overlooked offensive and defensive linemen.  With that thought in mind, Coach James Philip is forming a fundamentally sound team that is built from the ground up.

“We are young, no doubt about it,” Philip said.  “We don’t know much about English.  There’s not much scouting to do when everyone plays on Friday.”

And while the Bengals may be inexperienced, they insist they are ready for this week’s season opener against English (1-0) at 6 p.m. on Friday night at White Stadium.  The game will also be the first action of the season for English, which won by forfeit against Burke on Friday night.

Still, Brighton will be ready at all positions, including the more prominent ones like quarterback and running back.

“We are looking forward to opener,” Philip said.  “We take things one game at a time.”

Evan Freedman is a freelance writer based on the North Shore.  He is also a teacher at Catholic Charities North.  He can be be reached at


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