Eastie takes out frustration on O’Bryant

A week after being shut out by Blue Hills 24-0, East Boston’s defense took it out on O’Bryant in a 26-0 win on Friday night to give the Jets their first win of the season.

Defensive tackle Leo Parnell lead Eastie (1-1) with two sacks.

“He had a bunch of tackles and played well for us,” Eastie coach John Parziale said. “We had one goal line stand in the third quarter which was nice. That was big for us to keep them out of the end zone.”

“It definitely helps to get a win. Just to get a win is nice but we got a tough game next week agains st marys ex team 10-1 last year

The Jets’ offense also responded this week and was led by Kyle Jimenez-Fox’s three touchdowns on 120 yards.

“It was a sloppy game, we played okay,” Parziale said. “Fox had a couple touchdowns for us, which was good. We ran the ball pretty well but we have to clean up some mistakes.

“We have one day to be happy and then we’ll be back to work.”

Eastie plays St. Mary’s Lynn at 7 p.m. on Saturday night at Manning Field in Lynn.

“Tackling,” Parziale said when asked what area his team needs to improve most this week.”We gotta improve our tackling.”


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