Despite record, Burke’s spirits are up

By Evan Freedman, Correspondent

Burke may be 0-3, but try telling that to the players and cheerleaders who withstood the rainfall Friday night in Abington.  They were fired up for their first out of conference game, as they scored their first points of the season on a fourth quarter safety.

“0-3 is not indicative of how we’re progressing,” said Head Coach Byron Beaman, whose Bulldogs lost at Abington, 29-2.  “Our players are starting to get the system.  A lot of them didn’t play growing up.  They’re learning why things are happening.”

Beaman has three objectives for his squad:  focus on studies, develop as young men, and show up and work hard.  So far, things are on track.

“We haven’t had to worry about eligibility,” said Beaman.  “We have a team that’s full of good character guys.”

Next week, Burke plays at O’Bryant, Coach Beaman’s former team.  He says it means something to him and thinks it means something to OB as well.

“It may be more important than the other games,” said Beaman of Friday afternoon’s game, to be played at Madison Park.  “I hope to at least be competitive.”

 Evan Freedman is a freelance writer based on the North Shore.  He also teaches at Catholic Charities North.  He can be reached at


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