With first win under its belt, Madison Park heads to Westie

A week after getting shocked by Latin Academy, Madison Park head coach Roosevelt Robinson got his first win of the season on Friday afternoon. Now the 19-year head coach will run into the grandfather of City League football.

The Cardinals will travel to West Roxbury this Friday afternoon for a 3:30 p.m. meeting with the Raiders, who are led by legendary coach Leo Sybertz.

“When I was a kid Leo coached,” Robinson said of Sybertz, who returned to the sidelines a few seasons ago after retiring in 2007 after 31 years.  “I have high respect for Leo. I have played against him as a high schooler and a coach. He always has his program ready.”

Sybertz said Madison Park is usually stronger than Charlestown, who the Raiders just lost to 15-6.

“So we got our hands full,” Sybertz said. “Anybody we play we got our hands full. We

gotta improve from within. We gotta stop beating ourselves.”

That’s exactly what Madison Park did during this past week of practice after getting shocked by Latin Academy, 12-0, in their season opener last week.  They returned on Friday night to beat Minuteman Tech, 12-6.

After going down 6-0 in the first quarter by letting up a 40-yard run, the Cardinals bounced back to score two of their own TDs in the second quarter before holding on for the win in the second half. First Jonathan Miles rushed for a 60-yard touchdown for MP and then Isaiabrier White scored on a 30-yard TD run.

“We played a lot better,” Robinson said. “The first game is tough because its’ the first game together. [The win is] something to build on. They got a taste of what it’s like if they play together.”

Robinson said he hasn’t scouted West Roxbury yet but he knows Sybertz will have his team together.

“If we play together we’ll do well,” he said. “We work well when we play together if we don’t it’s a different story.

“For me being seasoned coach, what we look at is getting our game plan tighter. I have to look at Wetie. They are known to be a running team like us so we have to hopefully work on the running game.  But they have to go against us also. We don’t sit back for anybody. We run the ball a lot and we let everyone know it.”


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