Burke disappointing in defeat

By Evan Freedman, BPSsports.com Correspondent

In what was a homecoming game for Burke Head Coach Byron Beaman, the Bulldogs lost to O’Bryant Friday at Madison Park.  This was a game that Beaman especially wanted  for his team, but the squad didn’t perform up to his expectations.

“I don’t see the fire in our kids,” said Beaman after the 19-2 loss.  “Maybe it’s the fact that we’re a traditionally losing program.  It might just be a lack of skills.  We need to find the will to compete or it’s going to be a long season.”

At times, Burke looked promising against O’Bryant (2-2), but dropped balls and missed tackles negated their chances.

“There’s no sense of urgency,” said Beaman, who called this season an “eye-opening test of patience.”  “We have some things going for us;  We have the size to compete,  we have a great bunch of guys…but it’s disappointing.”

Although Burke is winless with a tough game against Latin Academy ahead of them, Beaman is not concerned with records:

“Wins and losses don’t matter right now.  We need to have a more competitive attitude.”

Evan Freedman is a freelance writer based on the North Shore.  He also teaches at Catholic Charities North.  He can be reached at freedman.evan@gmail.com


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