Globe Mag publishes Coach Rob story

Hello everyone:

Just wanted to let you know that the story I wrote on English High’s Coach Rob is in the Boston Globe Magazine today.

The story is about how English High is bumping its GPA requirements for athletes up to a 2.5. The district-wide standard is a 1.67. The MIAA standard to play in state-sanctioned tournaments is a 1.0.

Here’s the link to the story. You have to register for a free trial on but it does not take long.








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3 responses to “Globe Mag publishes Coach Rob story

  1. Bob Frank

    Justin, I read your terrific story in today’s Globe Magazine. I was 2/3 of the way through it before I flipped back to see who the author was. Wow! I know him! Congratulations on a compelling piece that captures what it’s like to navigate the complex waters of high school sports in tough city circumstances. I loved the story.

  2. Michelle jackson

    Tell tyrone williams hi from mom

  3. Johnny Apple

    What a JOKE

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