Despite loss, Latin Academy wins division and heads to Super Bowl

By Evan Freedman, Correspondent

Latin Academy has won the South Division by tie-breaker over Brighton and O’Bryant, and will advance to the Super Bowl December 3.   All three teams had a 3-1 record in the division, but since the Dragons had gone the longest without winning the title, they were declared the champions by city rules.

It’s been 17 years since Latin Academy won the division, a streak the Dragons are thrilled to snap.  O’Bryant won the division three years ago, and Brighton won just last year.

Latin Academy dropped Thursday’s game to O’Bryant, 26-20.  It was a back and forth affair, but the Tigers scored last on a Christian Ransom 15 yard run to seal the victory.

“Both teams played well,” said Latin Academy Head Coach Rocco Zizza.  “We just ran out of time.  It was one of those games where whoever had the ball last was going to win.”

Latin Academy will play rival Charlestown on Thanksgiving in preparation for post-season play.

Evan Freedman is a freelance writer based on the North Shore.  He also teaches at Catholic Charities North.  He can be reached at



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