New Mission outpaced by St. Anthony

DORCHESTER — New Mission High’s night against defending national champions St. Anthony tonight was so rough that the Titans didn’t collect a basket in the second quarter until after the Friars famed coach Bob Hurley was called for a technical with 54 seconds left in the half.

Junior guard Leroy Hamilton sank the technical foul shots to send the defending MIAA Division 2 state champs to the locker room down 30-9 at the break. And the margin only grew deeper from there as the Titans lost 68-25 in the Shooting Touch Shootout at the Kroc Center in Dorchester.

“We were in awe of them,” New Mission coach Corry McCarthy said. “If you’re from the city you’re not supposed to be in awe of anybody. The mayor could walk down the street and I’d look at him and I’ll give him a ‘Hey what’s up?’ I won’t take his picture. And we were ready to take pictures. You can’t fall in love with what they do. We have to do what we do.

“We looked like a JV basketball team today. That’s not indicative of our talent. That’s not indicative of the character of our kids. It’s not Division 2 high school basketball and when you stop playing Division 2 high school basketball you get in trouble.”

All tournament proceeds go back towards The Shooting Touch Sabbatical Program.  Referred to as “The Basketball Peace Corps”, Shooting Touch grants graduating college seniors the opportunity to travel the world and partake in a 10-month international work program using the platform of basketball to help foster education and influence positive social change in third world communities.

Hurley, who is on Shooting Touch’s board of directors, said he was impressed with some of New Mission’s players.

“They got some good individual players,” Hurley said. “Boston people have been talking about the junior kid [Isshiah Coleman] they think he could be a pretty good player. We’re pretty sophisticated defensively and to this point through five games no one has been able to get a rhythm against us.”

Hurley was also in Boston over the summer to coach at Shooting Touch’s summer camp.

“We have a very good relationship with [Shooting Touch President Justin Kittredge] through Reebok and we come up here and run camps in the summer,” Hurley said. “We absolutely love coming up. The people up here, the hospitality is always great. We love the concentration on basketball.

“It’s different teams, we get a chance to play different teams. From a team building situation when we go home on the morning of the 30th we’ll be closer because the kids are staying together, we have meals together we travel together. It’s a very good experience and if Justin has it again next year we’ll definitely be up. If he runs camp in July we’ll be up here again. We attack the North End on a regular basis when we’re up here just about every night.”

McCarthy said he’s looking forward to getting another shot at Hurley.

“They overwhelmed us,” he said. “They are well coached and their defense is incredible. I’m shameless when I say ‘Hey coach, Mr. Hurley can I get the tape because I need to show my team how to play defense.’ That’s it. They had size. They had size, not a lot of speed but they had discipline and we lacked that. We lacked all of that.”

McCarthy was embarrassed of his team’s performance in a sold-out gymnasium.

“We didn’t deliver,” McCarthy said. “I can apologize to the City of Boston for us not delivering and doing what we’re supposed to do. But I promise we’ll be back here next year and we’ll have them next year and the product will be a whole lot better.”


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