MP Cards off to the city league championships

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By Patrick O’Connor, BPSsports Correspondent

CHARLESTOWN — The winner of the Charlestown and Madison Park boys basketball game on Tuesday evening, Feb. 14 at Charlestown High would be off to the city league championships next week and guess what?

The MP Cardinals triumphed with a 61-57 win over the Townies.

As evidence that both teams played their hearts out, the score was tied at 17 at the end of the first quarter and again at 30 at half time.  In the third, Madison Park took the lead, scoring 16 points and ending with a 3 point lead (46-43).  In the fourth, Madison took a commanding lead, up by 10, and the Townies almost caught up but time ran out.

The breakdown of the game:

1) MP: 17; CH: 17

2) MP: 13; CH:13

3) MP: 16; CH 13

4) MP: 15; CH 14

Next week in city league playoff action at Madison Park’s gym on Thursday, its Madison Park (15-2) against Brighton and East Boston against New Mission.  The winner of each will face off on Friday night for the city league championship.


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