City basketball championships kicks off with girls’ semis

By William Frothingham, BPSsports Correspondent

The postseason has arrived for the four Boston girls’ basketball teams that will play in semifinal matchups on Wednesday evening at Madison Park, in the hopes of securing a spot in Friday night’s City League championship game.

From the North division, the top-ranked Fenway Panthers will face the South division runner-up, New Mission Titans, at 4 p.m.. The O’Bryant Tigers, first in the South division, will play the North division runner-up, Madison Park Cardinals at 5:30 p.m.

The first game on Wednesday will be a rematch between two teams that met in last year’s tournament.

“We’re playing Fenway first,” New Mission senior guard Tianna Johnson said. “Last year they beat us in cities and then we beat them at states.”

Johnson said she is familiar with some of the players on the opposing team.

“It’s kind of hard playing people you know, who you grew up playing with,” Johnson explained. “We don’t play like friends on the court. Friendship after the game.”

New Mission will play under the boys’ coach Cory McCarthy on Wednesday, as coach Briana Forde had to leave the team for a family emergency. McCarthy will coach his boy’s squad in the Cities  against East Boston on Thursday night.

The second game features O’Bryant and host team Madison Park.

O’Bryant coach Gertrude Fisher says her team’s defensive versatility has helped them reach the top spot in the South division, and needs to maintain that intensity during the post season.

She also knows that they have a tough matchup in Madison Park.

“I’ve seen them a few times,” Fisher said. “They’re big, they’re fast, it’s going to be a good game.”

Wednesday’s winners will take the court at Madison Park Friday at 5 p.m. to play for the championship.

William Frothingham is a junior at Boston University.


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