All-Star rosters set for Saturday

The Boston Scholar Athlete Program has announced the rosters for Saturday’s Second Annual Dr. Joseph D. Warren Memorial All-Star Game at Northeastern’s Cabot Center.

The game, which will feature a girls’ game at 3 p.m. and a boys’ game at 5 p.m., is also sponsored by Boston Centers for Youth and Families

The North Girls will be coached by John Rice of Fenway High while the South Girls will be coached by Justine Grace of English High. The North Boys will be coached by Malcolm Smith of East Boston while the South Boys will be coached by Hugh Coleman of Brighton.

Admission is free.

Click “continue reading” to see the rosters:

Boys South
Team Player Year
Brighton Jerard Mayes Sr.
Brighton Decorsie James Sr.
Dorchester Jedaun Langston Sr.
English Kwame Townsend Sr.
CASH Josh Baptista Sr.
Burke Charles Slayden Sr.
New Mission Leroy Hamilton Sr.
New Mission Isshiah Coleman Jr.
West Roxbury Sterling Brown Sr.
O’Bryant Wesley Ogebeveon Sr.
Brighton Malik James So.
CASH Anthony Ware Sr.
Brighton Tre Downman Sr.
English Bryanne Toney Sr.
West Roxbury Freddie Oliveira So.
Boys North
Team Player Year
BLA DeVaughn Riley So.
Charlestown Tyrese Hoxter Jr.
East Boston Travon Moore Sr.
East Boston Kyle Jimenez Fox Sr.
East Boston Zack Gattereau Sr.
Fenway Jonathon Roman Jr.
Madison Park Rayshaw Matthews Sr.
Madison Park David Stewart Jr.
Madison Park Dakim Murray Jr.
Snowden Paul Maurice Sr.
South Boston Alexander Brown Sr.
Charlestown Rony Fernandes Sr.
Charlestown Omar Orriols Jr.
East Boston Kenny Ramos Jr.
Madison Park O’Shea Joy Sr.
Girls South
Team Player Year
Brighton Amy Bernardez Jr.
Dorchester Shyla Fitzpatrick Sr.
English Trayana Mair Jr.
O’Bryant Araion Bradshaw Fr.
O’Bryant Raven Kelsey So.
Burke Briana Hooks Sr.
New Mission Tianna Johnson Sr.
New Mission Jazala Laracuente So.
West Roxbury Marissa Sarette Jr.
O’Bryant Kiana Daley So.
English Timilia Lattimore Sr.
New Mission Tiffany Williams Sr.
Brighton Shantal Solomon Jr.
Dorchester Kymesha Kelley Fr.
West Roxbury Makayla Williams Sr.
Girls North
Team Player Year
BLA Virginia McCaughney Jr.
Charlestown Sara Centeio Jr.
East Boston Maria Delvecchio Sr.
Fenway Tajanay Veiga Lee Jr.
Fenway Kayla Cox Sr.
Fenway Julissa Ross Fr.
Madison Park Krystal Edwards Jr.
Madison Park Amber Edwards Jr.
Snowden Jovanna Sandifer Sr.
South Boston Elaina Wright-McCarthy So.
Charlestown Shannon Simpson Jr.
Madison Park Khiyana Isaac Sr.
Snowden Tania Ortiz Sr.
BLA Julia Rosario So.
East Boston Marta Chacon So.
South Boston Daitannah Smith So.

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