Swim schedule

2011-12  Boston  High School  Swimming  Schedule

DATE              HOME                         AWAY                         SITE                TIME


Dec. 12.           O’Bryant                     East Boston                Madison         3:00pm

Dec. 14           Latin Academy           O’Bryant                     Condon           3:00pm

Dec. 15           East Boston                Arl. Cath.                     Paris St.          3:30pm

Dec. 16           Waltham                     Latin Academy           Bentley           3:30pm

Dec. 20           O’Bryant                     Malden Cath.              Madison         3:30pm

Dec. 21           Latin Academy           East Boston                Condon           3:00pm

Jan. 4               Latin Academy           St. Marys                    Flaherty          3:30pm

Jan. 5               O’Bryant                     Catholic Mem.            Madison         3:30pm

Jan. 6               East Boston                Somerville                  Paris St.          3:30pm

Jan. 9               East Boston                O’Bryant                     Paris St.          3:00pm

Jan. 10                        Latin Academy           Arl. Catholic               Flaherty          3:30pm

Jan 11             O’Bryant                     Latin Academy           Madison         3:00pm

Jan. 12                        East Boston                Catholic Mem.            Paris St.          4:00pm

Jan. 17                        Latin Academy           Malden Cath.              Flaherty          3:30pm

Jan. 18                        East Boston                St. Marys                    Paris St.          3:30pm

Jan. 19                        O’Bryant                     Matagnon                   Madison         3:30pm

Jan. 20                        Latin Academy           Somerville                  Flaherty          3:30pm

Jan. 23                        East Boston                Malden Cath.              Paris St.          3:30pm

Jan. 24                        Latin Academy           Taunton                     Flaherty          3:30pm

Jan. 25                        O’Bryant                     St. Marys                    Madison         3:30pm

Jan. 26                        Latin Academy           Catholic Mem.            Flaherty          3:30pm

Jan. 27                        O’Bryant                     East Boston                Madison         3:00pm

Jan. 30                        Somerville                  O’Bryant                     Kennedy         3:30pm

Jan. 31                        East Boston                Latin Academy           Paris St.          3:00pm



Feb. 5              Sectional Entries Due


Feb. 11 & 12  Sectionals


Feb. 18 & 19  States


Jan. 15                        Commitment Form Due


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